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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Greetings

I sent out this smilebox as a "Christmas Card" to a whole bunch of people we don't get to see very much anymore. I'm posting it here to catch anyone I missed. If I did miss you, and I'm sure I did miss someone, I'm sorry, and we do love you! (I also may not have your email address).

But also for those who do get to see us, just in case you are interested ;), because we love you too!!!!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He Said/She Said: Church Ball......

Meridy's take on Church Ball:
Takes a long time to play. Children are hard to put to bed by oneself.

Nathan's take on Church Ball:
"Takes a long time to play." ???? Are you kidding me? 6 minute quarters and a 5 minute halftime. I am sorry Meridy had to put the kids to bed by herself (I was astounded she was able to tame the Wild Ones alone), but the game started at 9:00.

Moreover, furthermore and while we're on the subject. I made the comment to Richard Hirschi that church basketball is the most intense sport. He said wrestling is more intense. I said that church wrestling would be the most intense sport. He agreed. Church basketball is cRaaaZy. It is a bad mix of call-your-own-fouls and refereeing. I didn't hear any swearing tonight. That was good, but there was much murmuring about fouls/violations or, alternatively, the lack thereof. The referees had stripy shirts on, so they looked pretty official. I think that helped a little.

Meridy's Take:
Church Wrestling is a BAD idea and not supported by the wives of the Elders' Quorum. Not only will this take more time away from bedtime stories, but it will take DAYS away spent in the ER. And who gets to change the diapers day AND night? The wife. If you are lucky, your oldest daughter. So, now wives and daughters are against Church Wrestling.

Nathan's Take:
The good news is that we won. It took a third quarter buzzer beater from beyond half-court (by Skyler Spendlove) and clutch free throw shooting on my part, but we got the job done. Ok, those are my thoughts on Church Ball.

Meridy's Take:
No, the REAL good news is that Nate came home, uninjured. AND we ate pumpkin frozen dairy dessert, which has half of the fat of regular ice cream, AND it tastes BETTER then unpumpkined regular ice cream.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cue the Funeral March (Worst Case Scenario Grand Finale)

Well I have some good news and some bad news and some really bad news. The good news is that three of you answered the first question correctly (answer: a). The bad news is that all of you answered the last question incorrectly (answer: a). The really bad news is that all of you are dead. Hopefully the rest of us can learn from your mistakes so that we can have the glory of winning, being alive, and being socially competent. So here's to you and your noble efforts. Way to take one for the team. Stiff upper lip and all that.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Worst Case Scenario Results and Next Question

Wait. What does that say above the title in small print? Does that say Dec 6th? Really? I could have sworn it was still the 4th.... Sort of takes the "officialness" out of the game doesn't it? Oh well, here we go:

The survivors are:


Your Next Challenge: The dating scene!!! To stir things up you must answer the next 2 questions correctly to stay in.

Question 1:

How to greet your daughter's first date

(a) Shake hands and stare for an uncomfortably long time. If he breaks off and looks away, that's good. You've established dominance. If he stares back, you're in trouble.
(b) Open the door wearing a dirty t-shirt and offer him a beer. If he takes it, you're in trouble.
(c) Ask him point blank if he has ever killed anyone. If he says yes, that's good. He's got a great sense of humor.
(d) Open the door and act like you've never heard of whomever he asks for. If he laughs at the prank, that's a good sign.

Question 2:

How to walk through a revolving door on a date

(a) The man goes first, pushing the revolving door to get it started.
(b) Regardless of the type of door, the lady always goes first!
(c) The man goes in first to get the door revolving, exits the door, allows the lady to enter and then follows behind her.
(d) Look first for a handicapped entrance to the side of the revolving door. If there is one, avoid the trouble of the revolving door altogether. The man opens the door for the lady. If there is no side entrance, turn around and go eat somewhere else.

The survivors will be regally announced on the Ninth Day of December, Two Thousand and Nine, as the clock strikes twelve pm. Really. They will.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scrabble Tiles Are Here...

....just in case anyone is interested.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Worst Case Scenario Results and Next Question

The answer to the first question was a. The answer to the second question was b. The survivors are:

Zach (He answered the first question and grace question correctly so I had to let him back in. *sigh* Just kidding Zach, I'm glad you're back. :) )

From here on out there is no more mercy. So read the questions carefully and thoroughly before choosing your answer. Please make sure to fill in the coordinating bubble to your answer on the scantron fully with your number two pencil to ensure your personally safety.

The question:

What to do when kidnappers are tying you up:

a) Make your body go limp.
b) When the perpetrator is behind you, tying up your wrists, throw your head back into his/her nose.
c) Take a deep breath, puff out your chest and flex your wrists against the bonds.
d) Hide a piece of broken glass in your hand and use it to saw through the bonds.

On December 4, at 5pmish (maybe), we will reveal how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop and who is still alive.