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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome 2011! I'm hoping for a good year.


I have to ask: Why are we still saying Two-Thou-sand-and-E-le-ven? I mean, it made sense the year Two Thousand, when it was 2000. It was actually somewhat short, an what else was there to call it? And it even kind of made sense in Two Thousand and One. We were still just getting used to this "Two Thousand" thing. But now? Do we really need to drag "Two-Thou-sand-and" into it?

I motion that we that we turn a new leaf and all start saying Twen-ty-El-e-ven. It's easier to say--well at least a little bit. And it's easier to think. You write down a '20' and then an '11' for the date. When I thought "Two-Thousand-and-Ten" this past year, I was always trying to remember where the zeros went. It would have been so much easier to think to write a '20' and then a '10'. And there is a precedent for this sort of thing we used to say Nineteen-Ninety-Nine. We refer to the year 1492 and the year Fourteen -Ninety-Two. See? It's perfectly logical.

Hey, remember back when it was '99. That's all we said: '99. We never even thought twice about it. Heck, lets just call the year 'Leven. The '20' will be there for a hundred years. The only thing that will change will be the last two numbers. They are the only ones worth mentioning over and over again.

What a great idea! Any one out there with me???