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Monday, April 27, 2015

In Honor of Preservation Week

It's Preservation Week

We decided that it is finally time to resurrect this blog.  We have recently enjoyed showing the kids old videos of themselves, reading about old escapades, and playing the "pour water on our heads" game.  It's time to continue in this tradition.  I won't try to back track and record everything I missed, but I will try to post up some things from when we were MIA.

But for now, this week. Wow.  Let's see, I am working on a teacher appreciation door for Ellie's Teacher Mrs. Byrd, or should I say Inspector Byrd.  The theme is Spring.  What actually came to mind was "Go, Go, Gadget Springs!" and so Inspector Byrd was born.  Mrs. Byrd has a detective theme in her classroom and I think it goes really well with that.  I'm painting a giant picture of her dressed up as Inspector Gadget, springing out of some flowers.

Ellie is going to the district science fair!!!  She won in the 4th grade at La Verkin Elementary and so we are headed to St. George.  She made a homopolar motor.  Say that five times fast!  Copper wire spins around a AA battery attached to some strong magnets.  We shaped the wire to look like a dancer.  Ellie and I came up with the name of "The Tiny Dancers of Science" together.  Anyone remember Bill Nye? Come on don't be shy...  She is excited. There is $50 on the line.

Friday is Fathers & Sons.  Nate is kind of in charge.  It's out at White Rocks.  He got in trouble for planning it on the same weekend that MANDY IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!  I pretty much told him he can't stay overnight. Let's hope that the cows won't escape while he's away, or he'll owe his dad some steak.

On Saturday, MANDY IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!! We are all so EXCITED. There are not enough capital letters and exclamation marks in the world to express our excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course every single day this week we must feed Ivan.  Every two hours......without fail......or there will be cries that rattle the eardrums. He loves to grunt. We all love him dearly.