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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Worst Case Scenario Results and Next Question (If you want to play and didn't get a chance to last time: This is your LAST chance)

Thanks to all of you who answered the first question. Sorry for the delay. The answer was number b. The survivors are:


Your next question, should you choose to answer it, and I would answer it if I were you because otherwise you're toast, is:

How to survive on bugs:
a) Maggots can be eaten raw or cooked.
b) Centipedes can be eaten only when cooked and are considered a delicacy.
c) Crickets contain high concentrations of the poison belladonna and should never be eaten.
d) Go find some natives, hope that they aren't head hunters, and barter the bugs for their roast boar.


Answer the question above correctly AND the question below correctly. (Please remember to specify which answer goes with which question in your comment).

(Previous Players do not answer this question.)

How to clip your baby's nails:

a)While your partner holds the baby's arms down to avoid injury, trim his/her nails.
b)Wait until the baby is asleep after his/her bath, then trim his/her nails.
c)Wait until the baby is feeding, then trim his/her nails.
d)Take the baby to your mother's and ask her to do the job.

At five o'clockish on Dec. 1, We will reveal who is right and who is dead.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Worst Case Scenario Blog Game Show (Come Play!)

This episode: "How to flee a forest fire."

a) Head away from the fire, toward higher ground.
b) Head downhill, away from the fire.
c) Head away from fire, toward flat ground.
d) Find Smokey Bear and ask him what to do.

Please give your answers in the comments section of this post. The winners, survive. The losers, in this case, burn and die. If you don't answer, the fire caught you unawares and you are a goner. We will post the correct answer and indicate the survivors for this question by Nov. 29 at 5pm-ish. We will continue our little game until there is one survivor standing! The survivor gets the glory of winning, being alive, and being socially competent.

(DISCLAIMER: The answers come from a very official source, that I swear I did not make up. I did not arbitrarily choose the correct answer. If you complain to me that your answer is the correct one, instead of the one that I said was correct, I'll just say, "I know! I thought so too! But the reliable source CLEARLY indicated that mine was the correct answer by typing that choice in bold font. There's just no accounting for it!")


Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Fascitating Halloween

Gosh, I think I am like my dad....(actually, come to think of it, probably a lot of people are this way)..... Anyway, he has so many interests. He will really be into something for awhile and he loves it so much that it consumes his personal free time. After awhile, if he is like me, he burns himself out on it, and he finds another hobby to love. After a little while, especially if something new and intriguing about it sparks his interest, he will pick up on the old "something". And so he goes through phases of MANY different things. Let us compare this to my blogging and other pursuits. I tell myself that I will try to be better at blogging (how do you spell "blogging"?) again, but to be honest I think I've moved on for a little while. Don't despair kind readers! I will be back, I'm just not in blogging phase right now, just to let you know. Right now I am on a crafting phase. I've learned how to make Scrabble tile charms. They are so fun! You glue cute paper, pictures, jewels, etc on the back side of the tile and make charms out of them. You can use them wherever you want. I'm thinking about making a bunch and selling them in my Etsy shop. They make for inexpensive gifts. I'll let you know about that if it happens. I'm also in a scrapbook phase. I'm scrapbooking for my SIL, Emily, and having a good time. And then there's the sewing phase, the book writing phase, the "children STEALING my computer for their own uses" phase, the reading phase, the getting ready for Christmas phase, etc.

So the last post was pretty sad. I was pretty sad when I wrote it, but I think the silence from us after that post may be giving of the wrong impression that we are in mourning. This is not true. We have been quite happy, and doing fun things. We've been having fun living at Grammy's and visiting my family. We went to my Mom's for Halloween. It was fun to dress up the kids and take them door to door. They were really good at saying "trick or treat" and "thank you". I was also impressed with how far they were able to walk. I made a fascinator hair clip for Ellie's hair because she was a fairy princess and I didn't have a crown. I thought this would be really natural and fairylike. Annjilla, I thought of you and knew you would be proud (There's a pic of it in the Halloween Smilebox below). And my other favorite thing was that Will's dinosaur tail wagged as he walked! It was simply, just so cute! There were so many photos that I wanted to post, that I decided to just make a couple of smileboxes for your quick enjoyment should you desire.

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Fall Harvest Book 2009
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Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Scared Silly 2009
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