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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times...

Okay, the title is actually overdramatic, but it helps to illustrate what I've been feeling, in as much as it describes the push and pull of my life right now. It's been difficult to want to write because of this, but I think it is about time that I do because I feel discontected from people. I read your blogs at least once a week (even if I don't comment--except Jenny I still need your blog, could you email me again? I promise that I'll get it taken care of this time!), and I feel like I still know you, but that you don't know me because I'm not sharing--I miss my friends, but I love Hurricane and being with family. I want to know right now if Nate passed the bar so he can FINALLY be a lawyer of his own right, but he has a job working for a lawyer in town and got a paycheck with his law degree. (happy day!) I'm so happy that we have a wonderful place to live here with Cheryl, but I am patiently (I hope) waiting for a house of our own in Toquerville. To be happy about living in a place I love and with family I love, makes me feel guilty for not mourning the loss of such great friends more than I already do. To miss my friends makes me feel like I'm beytraying my family. To complain about the downside makes me feel like I am betraying those on the upside. So to sum up I've been really happy and really sad.........I know! Why don't all you Vegas people move to Hurricane?? We have the happy small town atmosphere, grass, desert, trees, mountains, fields, Zion National Park, Wal-Mart, the quilt shop, with St. George and the DI not too far away!

On a very happy note I'm actually looking foward to the fall here. I keep getting the sent of it on the wind. I loved fall in Vegas which actually equals "second spring", spring being my favorite season, so I am surprised that I'm so excited for a "real" fall actually durring the fall months. But I'll go with it and try not to think about the coming much colder winter. Yes, focus on fall. Fall, fall, fall.
And here are some recent and random pics:

Monday, September 7, 2009

"It's a funny joke sweetie"

I woke up chuckling and quite proud of myself. My dream was another crazy one. I was chasing a guy around chewing up his legal documents. He offered me a motion to dismiss or something like that, and I cleverly said, "I'd better not--I might get motion sickness."

Yup, that was a pretty good one.

Just keepin' it real.