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Friday, September 21, 2012

4 o'clocks

I had an amazing experience this morning (late morning, not early...).

Let me start at the beginning.  Towards the beginning of this past spring, probably a month after my last post, I decided to plant some 4 o'clocks.  They are like little mini flower bushes.  Supposedly they like to bloom at 4 o'clock.  Anyway, I decided to take the risk of planting using seeds rather than a little plant purchased at the local Walmart. I've noticed that plants I buy end up dying.  I'm afraid I'm a lack luster gardener.  Due to my negligence many a plant has died. If we can understand plants in the next life, I'm sure that they will have a lot to say about Meridy, the plant killer. {My great Aunt Claire used to be afraid that the snakes would come after her in the next life, calling for blood.  I think about her often after I've killed some bug, or plant, etc. I hope the snakes in the heaven are treating her well regardless.}So I figured if I bought some seeds and planted them.  The tough plants would live and grow and survive. The little flowers would grow up in native soil and would not require any shock therapy.

So I bought a packed of seeds that claimed they were easy to grow, which turned out to be somewhat true.  I have never grown 4 o'clocks before.  The packet seemed to have somewhat substantial seeds in it.  I was excited to see what they looked like.  They looked kind of  like a whole spice you would find in a little jar.  I was going to say like cloves, but I just looked it up and these little seeds look nothing like cloves. Maybe like cute little acorns?  Anyway, the point being, I thought they looked cute and was excited to plant them. I did my best to follow the directions.

I had to go on faith that they would grow.  I put them in the ground, gave them extra water, and then trusted our irrigation watering system to help me out.  I actually watered them myself also very faithfully in the beginning.  I doubted some days if they would ever pop up.  Eventually a half a week late some of them started popping up.  They began to thrive.  I attempted to plant more in the tier above them, but that failed completely.  This saddened me, but I continued to be happy that at least the first batch turned out pretty well after all and that the yard looked a little nicer because of it.

The flowers caused me joy and disappointment. The came up in different colors.  Some yellow, some white, some dark pink, and these particularly pretty ones that were white with dark pink speckles.  I felt so happy that they survived, that they were doing well, and that they were taking care of themselves and therefore would not die due to my negligence.  Then I became disappointed in them.  Suddenly they weren't good enough anymore.  They were never in bloom when I happened to notice them.  I became detached.

Then this morning, I went outside with Josie, because she was bored and needed something to do.  And for some unknown reason I decided to go look at the 4 o'clocks with her.  From a distance I noticed that some of the flowers had gone through their process of life and crumbling away and  that new flowers were blooming.  As I looked closer I noticed that where the old flower had passed away, lay those little tiny acorn seeds cupped in tiny leaves just waiting to drop.  I just felt this sense of joy.  I went into the house to get a little baggy to collect a few of the seeds to plant new locations later.  As I collected the seeds I noticed a sweet scent in the was probably the rose bush, but it went well the the flowers and added to the experience.  I just kept feeling this sense of pride, and power, and accomplishment.  I planted those seeds, they grew into something beautiful, (some of the flowers were open, or "in bloom" as I was saying above) and now they were perpetuating themselves.  I was able to now collect more seeds from all of the colors to spread throughout the world! It gave me perhaps a little snap shot into what God might experience as He creates, sets things in motion, and watches them grow.  He lets us experience life, grow strong and beautiful, even if we neglect to notice the beauty, it is there. Then He must feel great joy as we and the creatures of the world continue His joy by spreading it.  He must feel joy as we find this connection to Him, by planting a garden, creating an art piece, learning a lesson taught to us by our own children.


Shella said...

I also kill plants. :) I always thought it would be easy to keep them going since my mom has such an easy time of it.
What a neat thought, and I'm sure it was wonderful to see those flowers thriving and now to harvest their seeds.

Sheri said...

What a neat experience! Thank you for sharing it.

K. Langston said...

What a cool story. Found it as I was searching info about 4 o'clocks.

Kelly Langston