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Saturday, February 26, 2011

too funny

This was just too funny to keep to myself.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dance

For her last story tonight Eleanor wanted to "dance to music." I enjoy dancing with my kids. Usually we rock out, but this is Sunday night. We danced to some elegant, churchy songs. There is something about dancing with your little girl. I really like my Ellie.

My thoughts wandered a bit, and I thought about Ellie's wedding reception. My only demand will be one dance with Eleanor...and one with Meridy. I really liked dancing with Meridy at our reception. That was almost seven years ago.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Name a Reeve

We've got a short list of names that we like, but are not sure which one to pick. I am curious to know what the general populous thinks. So please feel free to vote! If you have any comments you are more than welcome to leave them here.

Now for some background on the names, and perhaps some insight on why we can't decide and what the heck we are thinking.

Josie Adelle Reeve
Josie is a great-great-grandmother of mine. My uncle loves to do genealogy work and he passes on names to my mom. My mom liked the name and suggested it to us. Nate really liked it from the first. We are trying to find out more about her. If it turns out she was a bootlegger, I might feel differently about the name, but I am banking on the fact that she was probably a great lady. I have always loved the name Adelle so I would like to use it somehow. This name is probably on the top of the list at the moment.

Anika Starr Reeve
Frankly, I just like the name Anika. It's a little different while still being a "real" name. Starr is a family last name on the Reeve side.

Macy Starr Reeve
Macy would be a fun name because she will be born in May (all things going according to plan). I think it's cute and a little different.

Liberty Grace Reeve
This has a long story to it, which I actually don't want to completely delve into, because I actually don't remember all the details. I think that is a little bit "out there", but not too far out. We would call her Libby. Grace is a family name. But then we found out that celebrity, Joey Lawrence, named his daughter..."Liberty Grace". I felt shocked and betrayed! For crying out loud----WE made it up! Well, it lost some of it's charm, but I haven't quite let it go.

I'm not opposed to mixing it up a little bit, to Josie Starr Reeve, or Macy Adelle Reeve, etc.

So what do you think?

Legal Disclaimer: We maintain the right to listen to your opinions and then not follow them. We maintain the right to come up with a completely different name out of the blue, and then shock you by naming our child that name instead. We acknowledge your right to name your child what you like. We maintain the right of giving you our opinion on your name if it is asked for.