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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Head A Splode

Be careful, it could happen to you.
More information on a sloding head syndrome.
It's a good thing I don't have too much mental capacity to begin with because I have certainly been overtaxing my poor brain of late. The last three days of my life have been especially mind-blowing. The bar exam is no picnic, so I wouldn't recommend that anyone take it...unless you want to be admitted to the which case you may have to take it. I hear the Utah bar exam is less demanding. I'm going to try that one next.

Another thing, why can't they tell us our dang MBE scores? 1/3 of the test is a multiple choice exam called the Multistate Bar Exam. We're talking fill-in-the-bubble here. It would take 2 seconds (give or take) to put it through a little machine, but we have to wait until October 22 to know how we did on it.

I'm just going to assume that I passed. That will make the next 2.5 months more enjoyable. Anyway, it's over now.

Friday, July 24, 2009

No Peaches

I haven't blogged in ages.


I don't know if I even know how to write a blog anymore. Nonetheless, I march onward and my fingers continue to to strike the letters on the keyboard. Often they strike the wrong ones, and I have to go back and erase a few letters, and type the proper ones in. I have never been that outstanding as a typist. And then I go back and reread what I've already written. Type a little bit more and then reread again. Then after I post it, I reread it again and try to fix all the mistakes I made, that I should have caught the first few hundred times, before anyone in the outside world can read them. It takes me a long time to type a good post.

I'm feeling contemplative. I think it is because we've had cloud cover all day, and because I just read a really interesting book. It's called The Guernsey Literary and Potato-Peel Pie Society. (I got a $22 hardback book for $1!! It was a steal!) Except for some swearing, it is one of the best books I have ever read. It is thought provoking and has heart wrenching moments, but has enough humor and good feeling to make the book completely enjoyable. Very thought provoking, insightful, great characters. But I don't want write a book review. Sorry.

We have been really busy. We have been going to dance class, getting ready to move, visiting old friends, visiting family, having birthday parties, winning medals, attending funerals (Zach's mother Krysti, and Nate's Grandpa Reeve passed away recently. Two wonderful people who will be missed!), getting ready for a wedding, getting ready for the blankity, blank, blank BAR exam, getting bit by a horse in the face (A horse bit Will, but don't worry he's fine. That horse is just ornery.), and playing "Grassy, Grass, Go Away" in which you think of grassy things to do. The last person to think of a fun thing to do in the grass wins. (Ellie made this game up, with help from Nate.) Here are some pictures. They are by no means all inclusive, but it is the best I have to work with right now.

Ellie and Will keeping it cool in the car. We've been in the car a lot lately.

Ellie has been sporting braids lately. I think they suit her well, and it looks like I cared enough to do her hair. ;) She still will not let me do her hair, but braids are apparently okay.

This is Will opening his Dinosaur Rar! at a little party we had at home. Denise, a friend of mine and Sheri's, came on Will's birthday, so we just had a fun little party with her and her two boys, Tristin and Ethan. We played with balloons, had snow cones, blew bubbles, had ice cream cone cake (Thanks for that idea Denise), and opened presents. Thanks for your gifts!

Darling Rachel.

Will and Ethan.

Gary, Tristin, and Will.

This is the cake from the little party we had for Will at my mom's house. He loved his gifts from her. And thank you Emily for the birthday gift you sent to Will. He and Ellie both loved the drums. And thanks to Cheryl for the books. Will and Ellie will enjoy those as well!

Nate with his Gold Medal for first place in his division for Singles in Table Tennis at the Utah summer games!

Will and my dad.

Ellie about to go to dance class.

And what, do you ask, does "No Peaches" have anything to do with all that? Nothing. However, I will honestly tell you that it IS a secret code........