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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who's Brilliant Idea Was it to Carpet Vehicles

Seriously. Who is responsible this?

My children and I just finished ducluttering throwing away a small mountain of garbage out of our van.  Then you would not believe the carpet of crumbs on the floor of the car.  Really gross.  I know. Sorry.

Then as I vacuumed I noticed all sorts of lovely stains, sticky patches, splotches, caked in mud/dust/dirt stuck to the carpeted car floor.  (Yuck.  Again sorry.)  And I moaned to myself that if I wanted my car truly clean, I would have to spend hours scrubbing carpet, seats, and every other surface.   And it lead me to think that if the floors of the car were laminate we wouldn't have this problem.  Brilliant.  Just mop it clean and your done!  It's a heck of a lot harder to cake nastiness into laminate than it is into carpet. Why aren't they laminating any cars?  Especially, SUV's, Vans, Jeeps, and Trucks.  Any vehicle that endures muddy outings or worse.....children.  I would totally buy a laminated car.  Please someone make one.

Yes I know I should have bought some plastic mats that I could have just removed from my van and hosed down with soap and water, but it's too late now.....The damage is done. And besides, the mats can't cover everything.  There are always gaps, where lovely liquids, dirt, and crumbs can seep into.  A complete, smooth, laminate surface is the way to go.

Then I walked back into my house. Yuck. Does cleaning ever end?

Being pregnant is hard sometimes.